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Evaporative Cooling System Design, Efficiency & Working Principal Process in El Paso, TX

Using the evaporation of water to provide cooling has been with us since ancient times. Beating the summer heat in places like Mesopotamia and Nile certainly had its adherents in the upper class. In ancient Egypt and Persia breezes blew from predominate directions. These were captured and sent through a chamber where there was water. […]

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History & Benefits of Evaporative Coolers in El Paso County, Texas

An old time joke was that a car air conditioner was either a 2/40 or a 4/40. That is two or four windows down at 40 mph so the sweat on your body would keep you cool. It actually works; just ask grandpa! History of Evaporative Coolers History tells us that evaporative cooling was used […]

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