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Pros & Cons of an Evaporative Cooler in Canutillo, TX; Great for Dry Climates, Cost Effective, Easy Installs & More

Having a way to effectively cool your home is an absolute necessity in El Paso, TX during the dry hot summertime. While some people choose to have a central air conditioning system installed in their home, there are many homeowners that may want to consider putting in an evaporative cooling system or swamp cooler. Rush Maintenance Heating and Cooling is here to talk about evaporative cooling and give you the pros and cons so you can make the right choice for your home.

Advantages of Evaporative Cooling

There are several benefits that come from evaporative cooling and this is why many people choose this cooling system for their home. Following are some of the benefits that come from a swamp cooler.
– Cost Effective: If you have price out evaporative cooling systems, you know how much cheaper they are to have installed than central air conditioning. You will only pay a fraction of the price central air costs in installation as well as operation.
– Easy Installation: The evaporative cooler isn’t nearly as complex as central air conditioning. This make installation much easier than having central air installed in your home.
– Great for Dry Climates: If you live in a dry climate, it could do some good to add moisture to your air. Evaporative cooling does just that. By adding moisture to the air, it is able to actually cool the air in your home. If your climate it dry, you will find that a little moisture does wonders for the skin.

Cons of Evaporative Coolers

While there are many benefits, there are dsome disadvantages as well when it comes to evaporative cooling systems. Following are a few of them:
– Air is Not as Cold as Central Air: If you are looking for ice cold air in your home, you may not find that with evaporative cooling systems. While they can work to cool your air, they won’t be able to give you that freezing cold experience that central air conditioning can.
– Can’t Be Used in High Humidity Climates: If you live in a climate that frequently has high levels of humidity in the air, evaporative cooling is not going to cut it. You have to remember that it works to add moisture to the air and cool it. When the air is already full of moisture, it won’t make hardly any difference in temperature.
– Moisture Problems: While moisture in your air is a good thing, it can also lead to problems if there is too much of it. You don’t want to run into mold and mildew problems because you have excessive amounts of moisture in the air.

Evaporative Cooler Installation, Emergency Repair, Preventative Maintenance & More in Socorro, Horizon City, Canutillo, Clint, & Greater El Paso, Texas

If you have an evaporative cooling system installed in your home, you can count on the HVAC experts at Rush Maintenance Heating and Cooling to handle all your installation and repair needs. It is our goal to keep you comfortable indoors. Call us today!

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