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Evaporative Coolers AKA Swamp Coolers

Rush Maintenance Heating and Cooling is family owned and operated, supplying HVAC system services to the commercial businesses and residential homes throughout the Greater El Paso, Texas area. We are fully licensed, certified, and insured to provide our professional expertise and services to the community at prices we can afford. Our technicians are more than qualified to perform the services we offer by having the credentials and attributes necessary for the job. Rush Maintenance Heating and Cooling ensures maximum results for our valued customers by utilizing premium quality products and equipment exclusive to licensed professionals. Rush Maintenance Heating and Cooling puts our customers first, which is why we consistently deliver superior execution in implementing traditional values and friendly customer services to make every experience with us phenomenal.

Define Evaporative Cooling

Rush Maintenance Heating and Cooling include evaporative cooler AKA swamp cooler services to the commercial businesses and residential homes of El Paso, Texas and surrounding areas. Evaporative coolers are an ideal option to keep local homes cool as they are low maintenance and are a more cost effective solution than other cooling methods. Heat energy is needed to change water from a liquid into a vapor, and during the phase, heat is lost, permitting the cooling to occur. To help consumers looking for evaporative cooling system options, Rush Maintenance Heating and Air Cooling installs evaporative cooling systems.

How Do Evaporative Coolers Work & Why Do Some People Call Them Swamp Coolers?

Evaporative coolers function by pushing the warm outside air through a damp pad, and then blowing the conditioned cooled air into the living or working space. Though they are called evaporative cooling systems, many people refer to them as swamp coolers. Many early applications of this air conditioning technology had the unintended consequence of causing algae or mold to grow, producing a swampy smell, which is probably why they were also known as swamp coolers. However, in hot, dry climates where evaporation can take place easily, modern evaporative coolers are ideal. In hot, humid climates the air may be too moist for sufficient evaporation, limiting the cooling effect.

Residential & Commercial Evaporative Cooler Installation & Replacement

Whether you are looking to install your home or business with a new evaporative cooling system, or replacement option, Rush Maintenance Heating and Cooling can get it done quickly and efficiently. With the minimum required maintenance and repairs being less likely, many people are turning to the evaporative cooling system, or swamp coolers because of their low energy consumption and operating cost as well as their cooling efficiency.

Emergency Repair & Tune Up Maintenance of Evaporative Cooling Systems

In addition to providing the commercial and residential properties with evaporative cooler installation and replacement services, Rush Maintenance Heating and Cooling includes maintenance and repair services to ensure your swamp cooler is at peak performance.

Evaporative Cooler AKA Swamp Cooler Services

If you are interested in a swamp cooler for your El Paso, Texas home or business, contact Rush Maintenance Heating and Cooling today to discuss your options and install your evaporative cooling system today!

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