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Mastercool & Other Evaporative (Swamp) Cooler Troubleshooting & Signs of Repair in Socorro, TX

A common alternative to a traditional air conditioning system, an evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler, is highly energy-efficient and particularly suitable for dry climates such as El Paso, TX. As opposed to using refrigerant to cool the air, the evaporative cooler is a device that works by evaporating water. When there is an issue, signs may manifest that indicate you need repairs and we at Rush Maintenance Heating and Cooling would like to share the most common warning signs today.

Swamp Cooler Stuck on Low & Other Signs of Evaporative Cooler Problems

1) Evaporative cooler does not turn on. Many times, the unit will not start because the breaker was tripped. First check the breaker. If it tripped, ensure it is flipped completely off and switched back on. Examine the fuse of the evaporative cooler if the breaker is not the issue. If the breaker was flipped, check the wiring for any signs of damage. If any is present call a professional for repairs. The unit frequently unit does not start because of a blown fuse. You may need to call in a pro of the fuse is blown.
2) Evaporative cooler smells like chemicals. Potentially caused by stagnant water or mildew, strange odors can emit from the unit. This is not a problem you want to ignore or procrastinate on for obvious reasons. A certified expert can properly diagnose the cause of the problem where the technicians can then decide on the best course of action, whether it be cleaning the evaporative cooler, changing out the water, or other remedies.
3) Swamp cooler not blowing cool air. A blockage in the exhaust ducts is the most likely culprit when their is improper airflow. In order to rectify the problem, a professional is needed. You can make sure there is a proper opening for the unit in the event the evaporative cooler does not have an exhaust. If you are unsure, you can call in a professional for assistance. Generally, an opening of about two square foot for every 1,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) supplied by the unit is the manufacturers requirement for most evaporative coolers.
4) Swamp cooler leaks water. Another sign that the unit is in need of repairs is when water dripping from the cooler. There are quite a few reasons as to why the water may be dripping. However, it is commonly leaking because of improper storage of the cooling unit during the winter. During the off season, you need to ensure the evaporative cooler is properly stored. To winterize the unit before storage, ensure it is efficiently drained, the pads are removed, and the tank is thoroughly cleaned. While in storage, it should be kept in a well-covered area.

Evaporative Cooler Installation, Emergency Repair, Preventative Maintenance & More in Socorro, Horizon City, Canutillo, Clint, & Greater El Paso, Texas

When it comes to a faulty evaporative cooler, your experts at Rush Maintenance Heating and Cooling are readily available to provide top quality repair services to help you get your unit back up and running efficiently as quickly as possible and if it’s time to replace, we can outline more efficient and cost effective upgrades. Call us as soon as you start noticing any issues to prevent further damage.

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