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History & Benefits of Evaporative Coolers in El Paso County, Texas

An old time joke was that a car air conditioner was either a 2/40 or a 4/40. That is two or four windows down at 40 mph so the sweat on your body would keep you cool. It actually works; just ask grandpa!

History of Evaporative Coolers

History tells us that evaporative cooling was used by the Ancient Egyptians; wet blankets were hung on the doorways and the servants (to mostly royalty) would fan across them and jugs of water. The hot air that passed over or through resulted in cool air! Then in the early history of America, around 1750, Benjamin Franklin was in Philadelphia on a 100 plus degree summer day, writing in just a shirt and light trousers. As he was miserably uncomfortable, he noticed that when he changed his shirt the dry one was hot and offered no real relief. He experimented with some ideas he had on seeking comfort in such conditions. What he concluded was that he was not being cooled by the hot air that blew through the windows, but it was the perspiration evaporating off his body that offered relief! He set up an experiment to prove his hypothesis, using a thermometer and spirits (alcohol) which evaporated quicker than water. By blowing air across the bulb he was able to have ice freeze on it; a chemical reaction on a molecular level. An evaporative cooler works by harnessing this chemical reaction!

Benefits to Evaporative Cooling

The use of evaporative coolers is cost effective (lots cheaper) and also environmentally friendly as it has no hydroflourocarbon emissions. Evaporative cooling uses water while refrigerated air conditioning uses refrigerant. The initial cost of evaporative cooling is about a quarter less than the cost of a refrigerated air system and the maintenance costs are lower too! So why doesn’t EVERYONE have evaporative coolers? If you live in the arid southwest like El Paso, evaporative coolers can be very effective and will add humidity to your home, but if you happen to live in high humid areas, evaporative coolers do not work. An evaporative cooler replaces the air in your home with cooler humidified air, where as the refrigerated air conditioner just produces cool air to be blown into your home and will remove the humidity. Evaporative Coolers are used in many residential, commercial and industrial settings because they are cost effective and provide excellent results. Industrial plants, commercial kitchens, dry cleaners, green houses, warehouses and repair garages use units especially designed for large areas. The oldest model of evaporative cooler is YOU! The human body sweats and the movement of air around you evaporates which cools you down. The human body is an amazingly efficient cooling machine!

Evaporative Coolers in El Paso, Texas

Rush Maintenance Heating and Cooling specializes in evaporative coolers, as well as other types of air conditioning and heating units. Serving El Paso and surrounding areas which is the perfect environment for evaporative cooling. In the heat of the summer, don’t sweat it out, call us for a free estimate. We are family owned and treat all our customers with a ‘cool’ head! Wishing all a happy, healthy and cool summer!